Impact of Video Games on Society!!!

Video Games-Blessing or Curse!!!

The gaming industry has explored video games as a phenomenon. Unlike other available entertainment platforms, video games have become successful to connect people of all levels in society. People of different ages are engaged within its periphery. The immense growth of the gaming industry assures authentic and collaborative scenarios which have become successful to build new communities by adding or connecting people of different levels or status which could never expect to have a common meeting platform. The technological advancement of this entertaining culture has evolved to gamers as ultimate fantasy and has also become successful to achieve the highest recognition as the best element of entertainment. 

The ceaseless effort for the last 50 years or more, the gaming industry has driven video games in a shape that was hard to believe initially. But in reality, it has become a reality. Now, video games have reached a position that has made them rich, more accessible, and the most powerful element as well. Gamers belong to different countries around the world have recognized it as the best element of entertainment. People around the world having different living standards and cultures in life, video games have placed entire communities on a common platform. In this aspect, video games have become successful to create a common community or platform or base around the world. There is no argument in this regard. These new connections increasingly allow players from different communities or countries to put themselves on the common edge or under a common umbrella and encourage them to show sympathy and compassion. 

Research shows, video games have successfully incline men and women towards it by following the ratio by 54% to 46%. They all like to play different types of games. The people are engaged within the periphery of video games in such a fashion, even being isolated in the political or geographical context but still possesses the phenomenon of creating a bridge between them. It is such a thing or matter which appears as apparently, they are residing or available immediately one after another.

Video games have incorporated our emotions which in turn connects people emotionally. With the help of technological facilities, gamers learn quickly the procedures, how to work together to achieve a common goal or objective. People having different cultures become able to know or learn the social culture, living standard, or style and mentally of others through video games which ultimately reflects on the social platform. This single system has led people to drive in all directions. Video games act as an explosive to promote popularity. It promotes the community of fans. Video games play a significant role to develop the communication skill of people around the world. The gaming industry develops games on various platforms. Some games are historical based which describe the true events that happened in the past and some others are learning-based and so on. People around the world become familiar with different cultures available in the world through video games also. This enriches the knowledge of gamers about the existing lifestyle and status of life of human beings in every part of the world. 

Now, we better go to talking a bit about the different criteria of video games available. The gaming technology continues to expand as time passes which leads to promoting addiction to video games. The Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation are becoming popular with game lovers. The gaming industry has engendered the appetite to play games inside the mind of video gamers. The increasing tendency of customer demand is being enhanced due to its sophisticated phenomenon. The recent development shows more engagement of people within the grip of video games. An example would be able to justify the above-mentioned statement. The Play Station Portable or PSP in short, has explored a wide range of comfort to game lovers. The reason is pretty simple. They can move with their console anywhere they want or like around the world. Similarly, the Wii set has emerged as the latest invention in the gaming world. The gaming industry has become successful to create realistic platforms with the help of innovative accessories like Wii motion plus. It provides actual motion and positioning information to the console. As a result, people become more encouraged or more engrossed in the game. All these inventions allow more people to play more games and act as a knowledge bank as well. 

Among various criterion games, action-based video games have placed the most significant position in the heart of video game lovers. These games encourage the emergence of an aggressive phenomenon while playing the games. The reason is pretty is simple. At present, we are living in such an environment where aggressive scenarios are being experienced around the world ceaselessly. These scenarios probably being reflected through the games and the young generation is being inclined to these mostly as it is full of excitement. For example, confrontations between countries are being directed to war around the world, nowadays. Violence is being increased in our society significantly at the same time. Killing or shoot to kill the bad people in this visual environment is becoming more exciting to young gamers. The young generation mostly loves to play games that have been programmed based on the above-mentioned facts or events. 

The gaming industries have become successful to grab the philosophy of the game lovers and have concentrated a lot to create games mostly on these platforms. A classic example is a game, Call of Duty. In this virtually designed war-based game, a complete scenario of the battlefield is experienced. The users or gamers are observed to continuing fight against the selected opponents in the game by using different modern weapons, of-course virtually. While playing, their body language tells, they have become part of that virtual entertaining environment.

Unlike action games, there are also available adventure/role-playing games in the arena of video games. The gaming industries design these games which less graphic in comparison to action games. These games contain less violence but are more informative and knowledge-based. Say, Candy Crush, Temple Run, etc. The gamers lead to be addicted due to its narrative fantasy theme. The people who do not want or like violence, mostly inclined to these games. The honest statement is, these games enrich the knowledge of gamers and also enhance managerial capabilities, decision-making abilities, and so on.

Based on the above, one thing is clear to us and that is, children and adolescents are very much inclined to video games. The children are very much touchy as they learn from the surrounding environment. The vulnerability of the children is prominent. At their growing stage, they are highly influenced by the surrounding environment. So, logical concerns have been raised about why they are being more influenced by video games. The suspected reason is, the technological advancement has exposed eye-catching graphics and action-based games where violence is available. In this regard, there do exist two opposite arguments. One is being deliberated by the gaming industries who talk in favor of violent video games. The game industry states, despite games, contain aggressive scenarios but there is no link to violence at all. It is designed to provide natural enjoyment to adolescents and children. So it is secure. The researchers do not comply with this statement. They strongly believe that ceaseless violent gaming practice would lead adolescents and children towards violence silently. The aggressive attitude would be incorporated within their nature in the long run. They emphasize that violent video games increase the risk of developing aggressive behavior in the youth. While being habituated to playing such violent games, the adolescents and the children would start to believe that, these are normal norms of life. There is nothing negative. They treat violence as normal behavior in which their played game is depicted. So, let’s enjoy it. The most threatening scenario is, usually this mentality does not change in the latter part of their life. As a result, the children feel no hesitation to involve themselves in domestic violence and become offenders or victims. 

The researchers claim, there is evidence that violent video games increase the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in the context of both the short and long term. The most interesting outcome of the research is, the short-term exposure increases the likelihood of both physical and verbally aggressive behavior just completion of gameplay. On the other hand, the evidence available against long-term exposure leads gamers to aggression in the latter part of their life. That negative habit encourages them to get themselves involve in various anti-social activities like physical assaults, child or spouse abuse, misbehave to the elders and many others which are not at all positively accepted activities in the society. Some research has also invented that, these people create chaos in their educational community also which creates tremendous trouble for the parents and also to the authority of the institution. The other children also become affected by their aggressive behavior and become encouraged to be involved in violent activities as they do not think at all that, what they are doing would never be accepted positively by the social authority or those who live in the same society. This will certainly break the usual or expected norms and protocols of a well-structured society. Once such mentality or behavior penetrates in their mind and is incorporated within their nature, it is rarely seen that they have become successful to revert to normal social life. They become part of violence. This scenario is certainly threatening for the parents and also for the state or the country. The nation would never think to have skilled manpower if this scenario does persist in a country or state.  

Dr. Anderson has made an interesting research by creating the relationship between video games and generating aggression after play. As per his statement, he believes, video games do not create aggression always. For example, he stated in his research paper, smoking causes cancer and leads to death. But, it does not happen always. So, violence in video games not necessarily always leads to an aggressive result. Although there is a high risk of happening that. The low level of maturity of adolescents and the children is responsible for happening that, we guess. 

A recent study on the negative effects or impacts of violent games tells an interesting outcome. The researchers divided 44 adolescents into two groups and randomly selected the children to play one of the two games. One of the games was normal Car Racing based and another was a shooting game full of violence. After completion, they were taken under “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”. The scanning result was as such; those who played violent games became more emotional and there was a decrease in the activity of the brain and reflected the gamers’ behavior as, less self-control, less concentration, and other malfunctions. The adolescents were used to play that violent game. Whereas the above symptoms were absent in the case of the children. So, we can conclude by stating that, adolescents become more influenced by violent games. 

Though the researchers are continuing their research on this platform and deliberating their experience about the outcome, some experts have taken the opposite side of the researcher’s statement. They do not comply with the statements of the researchers. Their voice resembles the gaming industry. The experts do believe, to some extent, the negative impact of violent video games is experienced in both adolescents’ and the children’s nature but it is not all about. A wide range of positive outcomes does exist even through the incorporation of violence within those games. They state the gamers treat those games just as part of their entertainment. There is no link to be violent or aggressive if they involve themselves in playing those games. So, side-by-side, controversial statements do exist. The entire thing has fallen into deep debate or arguments.  

So far, we have discussed the positive and negative scenarios of video games. We have mostly highlighted the outcome caused by violent video games on society. Now, more than one question certainly arises in this regard. Those are,

  1. Should the gaming industry stop creating violent games as aggression is caused?
  2. What types of video games are suited for both adolescents and children to avoid aggression?

After having thorough research and compilation entire facts, we have concluded as;

Video games play a very vital role in society as an element of entertainment for people of all ages and impose a significant impact on the global economy. The gaming industry has become a major sector to enrich the economic health of a country. In this aspect, day by day expansion of this industry will always get the highest preference by all of us. There is no doubt. There is no option left of arguing about the impact of video games on society. The only debate is being experienced regarding the impact imposed on society through violent video games. I do not think that it is an unresolvable issue. 

As adolescents are more inclined to action games, it would be wise, if the gaming industry concentrate to launch action games based on true events or facts. In that case, the existence of violent scenarios within the games would not impose a significant negative impact, especially on the mind of adolescents, I guess. The logic is, any war or battle means action along with some violence. If those action games highlight some documentary and information as well, it is best. A lot of deep thinking deserves to be thought.

The children should not allow playing action-based video games rather allowing them to play more informative and knowledge-based games, and this is exclusively my opinion. As the mind of the children is very much sensitive and resembles mud, the games related to violence might hammer to their soft and creative senses. From childhood to their growing stage, the reflection of aggression might be observed in their nature subject to play more violent video games. In this context, the games which are relevant to their age would certainly improve their mental growth. That is why playing games related to information and knowledge are being emphasized mostly for children. The researchers are also saying the same after having thorough research on this particular platform.


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