COVID-19-A Painful Overview; Real Threat To Modern Civilization

Corona-virus: A Horrific Name Causing Uncountable Death of Human Beings!!!

The Dreadful Scenario That Horrifies Us!!!

Today, modern civilization is badly affected by the deadly virus, named COVID-19. The periphery of COVID-19 is tremendous and has grabbed the entire world which has come out as a severe threat to modern civilization and caused an epidemic. The modern civilization is forced to fight against COVID-19 to resist human-being from destruction. The latest technological flourishment is facing a tremendous challenge to invent preventive of the virus and till today, the helpless scenario is being observed even from the developed countries to prevent human-being from death. The virus possesses peculiar nature which has made talented scientists of the world puzzled.

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How this deadly virus spread out all over the world?

There are a lot of rumors that exist around the world, related to COVID-19. It includes;

  • It was originated from the local fish and bat market, China and affected the Chinese. After being affected unknowingly, the migrated affected Chinese people spread out that deadly virus in more than 200 countries around the world and so on.
  • In another statement, Chinese scientists were engaged to invent such a virus in a Chinese lab, located in the city of WUHAN, China.
  • The most interesting information has also been experienced on social media. It was said that “The United States of America” involved scientists to invent this deadly virus i.e. COVID-19 in their lab and became successful in 2015. Among other scientists, there also involved some Chinese scientists with research-oriented activities. As a result, the Chinese government came to know about that successful invention through them and decided to use it as a weapon against the human-being of different countries to break the economic backbone, especially of the developed countries. The reason is pretty simple and that is assumed by the political analysts. They say China wants to be the number one country in the world which inspired them to follow of doing the above-mentioned policy.

It should be noted cautiously that, all the above statements are based on assumption.

What COVID-19 do to the human body?

COVID-19 is suspected to be transmitted primarily by inhalation. While being infected, most people experience mild symptoms like sore throat, headaches, fever, dry cough, shortness, or difficulties of having breath and fatigue. The scenario of this virus is, it attacks the lungs which causes severe infections to include PNEUMONIA. The small air sacs called “ALVEOLI“, exchange oxygen within the blood cells. This oxygen is transported to organ tissues throughout the body.

When the Coronavirus attaches to these cells, the “White Blood Cell” responses and started to begin to replicate within the cell. The immune system of the body tries to destroy the viruses which in turn, causes an inflammatory response and ultimately results in fluid accumulation in the lungs. As the lungs build with fluid, the availability of required oxygen within the body decreases. That results, Oxygen injury and ultimately causes death.

Who are at risk by COVID-19?

The risk of being infected by this virus increases if the person is elderly or suffering from a medical condition. Besides, it possesses a potential threat to infect well health conditioned people, no doubt. Once infected, the person primarily shows no symptom at all but still possesses tremendous potentiality to infect others silently. This is how COVID-19 has been spread out around the world in the form of an epidemic and has become the cause of human death.

Suffering countries all over the world

People from more than 200 countries have already been affected by this virus. This scenario leads to the cause of death of people unexpectedly. The summary of human death, especially in the developed country. The statistics that have officially been published don’t forecast the real scenario. The real scenario is horrific than the published one.

Voice of WHO against this virus

The “World Health Organization” (WHO) ceaselessly deliberating guidelines to the people among the countries of the world by saying that, maintain social distance is badly expected to be followed to prevent infection by this virus. Steps like the “Lock Down” policy, maintaining social distance, online or distance learning for the students or the learners, and so on are the illustrations that are yet being experienced to exist to resist this deadly virus from spreading out to save human lives.

The invention of vaccine to Prevent and Cure

Scientists around the world were ceaselessly working to invent preventive of this virus. To battle against COVID-19, some significantly encouraging scenarios are being experienced in the form of success. Although the scientists are still ceaselessly working on it to invent more effective preventive. Scientists from all over the world are working collaboratively. Based on the outcomes produced from the research, WHO deliberating necessary guidelines to the people across the world like more tests taking, changes of lifestyle, maintain precautionary steps to eradicate this epidemic. They’ve given more emphasis on wearing masks, how long nobody knows. Effective vaccines having minimal side effects on the human body would be the gamechanger, no doubt. But the reality is far more terrifying. Still, we can’t feel comfortable and safe, and in truth, 100% safe and effective vaccines haven’t yet been possible to invent. Although WHO and scientists frequently deliberating some optimistic statements and giving pieces of advice not to be panicked through different social media. The only thing left from our side, and that is, keeping our patience till the real vaccines are not being invented.

Steps were taken to eradicate this virus

The death curve has got upward trends to date. More than 2.63 million people around the world have already experienced death as of today. There is a huge risk as well as uncertainty waiting for those who have kept isolated from others due to infection. We’re afraid that, 70-80% of isolated people would experience painful death and would be the real threat to modern civilization. As the preventive hasn’t yet been invented, the government authority of different countries has taken several policies to prevent that virus to spread out further. Those policies are as such; area locks down, limiting social interaction or gathering, to develop awareness within people through social media, etc. Unfortunately, despite imposing different policies, none has become successful to reduce the rate of human death. COVID-19 has got a different criterion in nature. It does change its attacking nature frequently. For that reason, scientists have become puzzled while inventing preventive against this. This is a real threatening scenario, no doubt.

Our Pray Should Be

Despite the all-out effort, the world is still experiencing deep frustration. People are dying ceaselessly as if it is a normal scenario. Like dark ages, modern civilization has become helpless and hopeless. In other words, this critical situation tells, about the depth of modern technology. We confess by saying that, in the meantime, we’ve shown our helpless and hopeless picture to our creature. We’ve disturbed nature a lot. Now, it is payback time and that’s why nature has started taking revenge against us. There is only hope left to survive, and that is, under no compulsion, absolute surrender to our creature and keeps going our research with the blessing of him to save human-being and our civilization as well.


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