Expected Criteria of a Good Student & a Good School

Criteria of a Good Student & A Good School

The objective belongs to every student at their stage expected to be studious, first of all. They must go to enrich their knowledge by studying the given contents available in their curriculum, and always bear the attitude to find out the insight of any topic included. Besides, as the out knowledge plays a significant role in real life, they must also concentrate on it. A thorough attitude of every student towards any topic helps to promote their in-depth knowledge on any platform of study. There is a proverb, “Knowledge Is Power“. To be a knowledgeable personality both in student life and later, there is no alternative to being studious. An example might be able to justify the statement given. To teach, a teacher becomes compel to perform two operations. One is, he or she has to grab the insight of that topic, and the second thing is to make the students understand clearly on which he or she is providing or deliberating teaching. The synchronization of both operations would certainly provide a positive outcome in the form of good teaching, and the teacher would get high acceptability within his or her disciples as a reward helpful to the students, no doubt. So, study even for the case of a teacher is part and parcel of his or her activities. If the reality becomes as such, the students who’ve decided or dreaming to become anything in his or her life in a later part of their life, the unavailability of being studious would naturally appear an obvious barrier to make their dream in reality. To be a smart competitor in real life, every student must follow furthermore tips to make themselves prepared for the next phase of their life. To do so, they must

  • bear good behavior, attitude, expression, and so on having full of modesty to everybody
  • be honest at their activities
  • put full concentration at the time of their study
  • keep the summary of every day’s events happening surrounding them in their notebook or similar thing
  • follow a well-mannered lifestyle that is badly expected helpful to make them more disciplined for the upcoming phase of their life to compete
  • have interaction with others related to various topics helpful to enrich their knowledge in different fields or sectors of this universe, and that would certainly provide them significant outcome after entering in real life  
  • participate in the competition like debate within their campus or outside the campus organized by the school/college authority or other institution to make themselves more efficient and knowledgeable
  • not get themselves involved in a confrontation with others. If a situation becomes as such to argue with someone related to any issue, the best thing is to go for arguing logically not trying to establish his/her thoughts unethically
  • always be conscious to keep their morality up to the mark. The integration of morality naturally upholds someone’s dignity. The undignified life is shameful, of course, and that each should never forget.

The above are the basic things or more preciously should be said as must-follow tips by every student. In a nutshell, they shouldn’t forget three basic qualities of human beings, and those are expected to be incorporated into their thoughts throughout their life. 

  1. Honesty
  2. Sincerity
  3. Efficiency

If it is asked to arrange mentioned qualities in a proper flowchart fashion, then the arrangement would be, if a person is honest at his/her work/activities, the quality of sincerity develops into someone’s mind or thoughts. After being sincere, the quality efficiency becomes obvious or naturally comes out as a residual effect, and that’s what we always expect from a student or more preciously should be said as from a person. 

On the side of the coin, only ensuring curriculum-based quality teaching is not good enough to address a school as good. Below are some badly needed things to be incorporated within the activities of the school’s mainstream to place at the positively evaluating point. Those are,

  • The teachers are expected to teach students about the good manner, how to be disciplined, morality, ethics, etc.
  • The teachers and the authority of the school are expected to be disciplined having good manners, gestures, and so on.
  • The entire environment is expected secured to relieve guardians suffering from anxiety about their beloved child.  
  • The system of the school should not only be confined to completing the course provided but also helps to promote the out knowledge of the students and relevant things besides study.
  • The teachers and the authority of the school are expected to possessing a dignified moral status, and that’s what the student would follow.

If the above key factors a school can assure to provide, we might address her as a good school. The product that does bear the meaning of quality of students would emerge, capable of doing some extraordinary activities help to enrich the social status in parallel with his or her welfare, and as a whole would be able to contribute significant contribution to the nation, and the world as well. We all always eagerly look to this from schools, teachers, and the product meaning from the qualified students.


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